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Introducing Ella’s Flats® All Seed Crackers:

A growing, woman-owned business delivering healthy deliciousness consumers crave all day, every day.

Our CEO and Founder, Ella, is a health conscious mother with an appetite! Ella was searching for simple, plant-based whole foods to keep her family healthy and feeling satisfied. But instead, she found products full of sugar, processed or artificial ingredients. Ella’s eureka moment came when she began making a cracker recipe using just seeds! Seeds are packed with superpower nutrition, taste and a crunchy, satisfying texture. They are full of protein, fiber, vitamins and healthy fats and naturally help to balance blood sugar. A cracker made with just seeds would bring all of these benefits to consumers in an easy to eat, delightful mouthful!

Ellen with a basket of Ella's Flats

It was clear from searching grocery shelves that there was nothing as delicious, nutritious, and versatile as our all seed Ella’s Flats®. What had begun as a family recipe had to be shared with the world. Originally launched with 3 flavors and made locally in South Florida, Ella’s Flats® rapidly expanded to bring the scrumptious crackers to retailers and e-commerce.


Now, Ella’s Flats® can be found in 6 flavors, available online and in thousands of grocery and specialty stores across the US including a mix of large, conventional chains and small independent retailers specializing in the latest trends and we are just getting started! At our core is the passion and love Ella brought to the crackers when she was making them in her kitchen for her family. We bring that same passion to serving our customers and love providing the nutritional superpower, texture and taste of seeds in every bite of Ella’s Flats® using only the highest quality ingredients.

With love from our kitchen to yours
Meet Ella!

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