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We care about nutrition, that’s why Ella’s Flats crackers are made with only the highest quality ingredients, so
you can feel great about what you’re eating. Our crackers are made with only seeds and spices.

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Clean, simple ingredients

Ella’s Flats are made with only seeds and spices (it’s even a part of a seed that holds our crackers together!).

Our different cracker flavors have their own unique taste from different seeds! See details for each flavor below.

Seeds; Small but mightly

The health benefits of seeds are off the charts! They are packed with healthy nutrition, rich in protein which reduces hunger and boosts metabolism. They are naturally low in carbs, and high in fiber, which supports digestive health. Seeds are filled with healthy fats like omega 3 and rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants.

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Fits all diets and lifestyles

Ella’s Flats are certified Gluten-Free and fit any diet and lifestyle: Low carb, keto, vegan, paleo, whole30, gut healthy, blood sugar stabilizing, balancing hormones or just want something delicious - we got you!

Try them and feel great.

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Certified Gluten Free

When we say all seeds, we mean all seeds. We never use grains or fillers like rice or starches, so our crackers are gluten free and will keep your blood sugar balanced.

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Powerful Nutrition

Rich in protein and high in fiber, with low net carbs, our keto friendly crackers will keep you energized all day long.

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Made with just seeds and spices are products are naturally plant-based and vegan. Our crackers are non-GMO project verified, so you can feel great about what you're eating.

We Love Label Readers

We take pride in offering a product that does good for your body. See nutrition details and ingredients for each flavor below.

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