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 Make your FLAVOR SELECTION in the Cart! Sesame, Hemp, Caraway, Cumin, Everything OR Spicy

Ella's Flats . All Seed . Savory Crisps . Crunchy Gluten-Free Fiber

Scrumptious for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Cocktails!

Select from a VARIETY of FLAVORS Sesame, Hemp, Caraway, Cumin, Everything AND Spicy

Ella's Flats_Gift Box.png
Ella's Flats_Ten Gift Boxes.jpg

Our GIFT BOXES with 4 FLAVORS Sesame, Hemp, Caraway AND Cumin

Sesame_4.8 Oz._Bag_Blurb.png
Hemp_4.8 Oz._Bag_Blurb.png
Caraway_4.8 Oz._Bag_Blurb.png
Cumin_4.8 Oz._Bag_Blurb.png
Everything_4.8 Oz._Bag_Blurb.png
Spicy_4.8 Oz._Bag_Blurb.png

Enjoy ELLA’S FLATS™ flavors ~
in our Resealable Bags and Grab’n Go Snack Packs!

Ella's Flats_Gluten Free_Sugar Free_High Fiber_No Preservatives_Simple Food_Grain Free_Keto Friendly_0 Grams Trans Fats_Cholesterol Free

with Pink Himalayan Salt

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